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Replacement screen is a common 128640 type screen used in Creality's Ender-3.

Original screen

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Aftermarket parts

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SV06 original mainboard.


GDM32F103 Pins


Mainboard Fan

4010 Axial Fan

4010 24V 5500rpm axial fan with an JST XH2.54 2-Pin connector

Tool Head PCB

Extruder PCB

Label Connects to Connector Type
P3 Cold end fan JST 1.25mm 2-Pin
P2 Extruder motor JST 1.25mm 4-Pin
P4 Heater cartridge JST PH 2.0 2-Pin
P8 Thermistor JST 1.25mm 2-Pin
P6 Probe JST 1.25mm 5-Pin
P5 Part cooling fan JST 1.25mm 2-Pin
P7 Filament sensor (optional) JST 1.25mm 3-Pin

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Pinout for the mainboard cable plug

Extruder Cable plug pinout

Power Supply Socket with Switch


IEC320 C14 3-pin socket with a fuse. Connected to the power supply with 16AWG temperature resistant silicone wire.

Wiring images by bassamanator

Power Supply Fan

6015 Axial Fan

6015 24V 0.08A axial brushless fan with an JST XH2.54 2-Pin connector


The ribbon cable is marked a 'AWM style 2651 26AWG' cable, with 24 wires and a pitch of 1mm. Connector on the extruder end is a 24-Way IDC connector socket for cable mount, 2-row.

Cable looks exactly like Creality's Sprite Extruder replacement cable but is wired differently.1


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Display Cable


Double Z Axis Motor Wire


Extruder Motor Wire

1007 28AWG 4P wire


Power Supply to Mainboard Wire

14AWG wire on a standard XT60H male and female terminals.

Schematic Schematic

These connectors are commonly used in RC and widely available.

Wires with Connectors

Pre-crimped wires with Micro JST 1.25 connectors (also labelled as MX or PicoBlade) that you can solder onto aftermarket fans.

Heat Shrink Solder Connector

If you're not that great at soldering these heat shrink solder tubes will quickly join two wires while insulating and waterproofing.

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