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See list of filaments that are close to SV06's color.

Cable Strain Relief

This is a MUST HAVE. They install under the existing heated bed cable strain relief with a zip tie or two.

Cable strain relief

Heated Bed Cable Support

This is a MUST HAVE. This mod keeps the heated bed cable from dragging on the work surface and rubbing on the plastic cover of the frame.

@rogerquin on Printables

Heatbed cable support

Back Mounted Stock Part Cooling Fan

This small modification makes it easy to relocate the stock cooling fan to the back of the X-Carriage and provides better viewing of the hot end from the front.

Instructions and model by @rogerquin on Printables

Relocate part cooling fan

Stock Dual-Wing Fan Duct

A dual wing fan duct prototype based on the stock Sovol fan duct.

@SirKeldon on Printables

Honeycomb Frame Grill

Cosmetic mod to change the look of your SV06.

On Printables

Honeycomb frame grill

Spool Holder

This spool holder mounts over the existing spool holder.

@rogerquin on Printables

Spool holder

Screen Back Cover

This is a very easy-to-print, easy-to-install SNAP-ON back cover for the SV06 screen.

@rogerquin on Printables

Screen back cover

Extruder Hand-Winder

Gumo Design on Printables

Cable Chain

This cable chain (spine) supports the extruder ribbon cable and stops it from sagging on taller prints. Works on SV06 Plus but you'll need to print more links.

@rogerquin on Printables

ABL Probe Mount Mod

New probe mount if your probe mount is deformed and sits too high when screwed tightly.

@SteveandBob on Thingiverse

Bowden Tube Extruder Mount

Bowden tube mount for M6 bowden coupler.

@Leander Perez Blanco on Thingiverse