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Complete Kit

Extruder Kit

Complete print head assembly including the extruder, hotend, bed probe and fans. Simple drop in replacement for the existing one.

Extruder Only


Only the extruder assembly. Includes assembly gears and the motor.

Part Cooling and Cold End Fans

4010 Fan

4010 24V 0.1A 8000rpm blower fan connected with a JST 1.25 2-Pin connector.

When choosing the type of fan remember: Brushless < Hydraulic < Dual Ball Bearing

Most replacement fans come with XH2.54 connector or without them. See here for pre-crimped wires and an easy way to join them.

ABL Probe

Proximity Switch

Inductive proximity switch LJ12A3-4-Z/AX-5V 5V NPN NC (normally closed). Connected to the print head PCB with a JST 1.25 5-Pin connector.

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Dual Drive Extruder Gears

Extruder Dual Gear

Two gears responsible for driving the filament to the hotend. Same ones are used in the Orbiter Extruder.

Planetary Motor Gears

Extruder Planetary Gears

Three T27 spur gears. Same ones are used in the Orbiter Extruder.

Outer Dia. Inner Dia. Thick Teeth
14.5mm 5mm 3.75mm 27

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Latch Tensioner

Extruder Tensioner

Same ones are used in the Orbiter Extruder.

Set/Grub Screw

Set screw

Commonly called "set screw" or "grub screw". They fix the extruder gear to the extruder motor axle.

Dimensions are M3x3.