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Print Bed

PEI Print Sheet

PEI Sheet

Sovol's SV06 PEI has a painted grid that tends to stick to high temperature prints. Any standard 235x235 (Ender) spring steel sheet works on an SV06 and is recommended over the original one. Look for a sheet without a magnet sticker (you already have one) to save on cost.

You need to use a metal sheet due to the inductive bed level probe

Heated Bed

Heated Bed

400x400 24V heated bed made out of AL5052 aluminium alloy. 400mm long 15AWG silicone wire for power.

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Sovol Store 3D Jake

Heated Bed Thermistor

Glass bead NTC 100K 3950K thermistor with an XH2.54 2-pin connector on a 600mm 24AWG wire

Heated Bed Thermistor