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Sovol Klipper Screen

Sovol original touch screen with Klipper preinstalled, like the one used in Sovol SV07.

Buy from

Sovol store

Volcano Nozzle

Replace Sovol's nozzle with a typical Volcano nozzle. Instructions here

5015 Part Cooling Fan

SavageLau's Hurricane vent on Printables


Nozzle LED Light


CR Touch Probe

Replace the inductive probe with a Creality CR-Touch (Amazon)

Model and instructions by DevCyclops on Printables

Meanwell UHP-500-24 PSU

Meanwell UHP-500-24 PSU

Upgrade the cheaply built power supply with a quality Meanwell one. You will need to print a new mount to install the PSU.

Printables Collection for SV06 Plus



12864 LCD Conversion

This TH3D kit replaces the touch screen with a stock LCD screen. Requires a firmware update!

Entire kit available from TH3D.