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SV06 Plus Specific Issues

Silicone sock doesn't fit

From Facebook SV06 User Group:

I, like a couple other SV06 Plus owners, got into an issue with a blobby mess leaving the printer unattended. Mine was quite bad and lots of filament got between the heat block and sock and ended up covering the delicate wiring for the thermistor. Sovol was kind enough to send me a replacement hotend which was greatly appreciated. What I noticed about the replacement is that part of the silicone sock is trimmed away making space for the wire for the heat cartridge. Prior to the revision, the wire was pushing down one corner of the sock causing it to fit poorly. I would have to constantly pull it up but during a print it would sag back down. Like wearing loose pants and pulling it up all the time. My guess is that the sock came down during my unattended print and once it caught a bit of melted filament it blobbed. From my picture of the new vs old you can see they've trimmed the corner. My advice here is if you have one side of the sock sagging down, remove it and trim a tiny bit to make clearance for the cartridge wiring. Hopefully this saves you any potential issue that I experienced.

Silicone Sock Issue

Filament sensor causes print issues

Due to the filament sensor design it can create a lot of strain on the filament path to the point that the extruder cannot pull the filament and you get under extrusion print issues.

@mak77 created a printable mod for the filament sensor that ensures a more natural path for the filament.

There are other mounting options using a bearing designed by @Lars