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Hot End

Complete Kit

Hotend Kit Complete drop-in replacement with heat break, thermistor, heater cartridge and 0.4 nozzle.



The heatblock is mounted to the extruder with two M2.5x10mm socket head cap screws (SHCS).



Sovol SV06 uses standard MK8 nozzles with M6 thread, specifically a Creality MK nozzle used in CR-6 SE, Ender S1 and Sprite extruders from Creality. Any MK8 nozzle with M6 thread will also work with SV06's hotend. If a nozzle is a lot shorter you will need to adjust the ABL probe height.

If you want the ones similar to original one search for "Creality MK", "CR-6 SE" or "Ender S1" nozzle

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See here for upgrades.

Bi-Metal Heat Break

Length Heat Break body Outer Dia. Inner Dia. Heat Block Thread
22mm 15mm 7mm 2mm M6

Sovol SV04 heat break does not fit in the SV06 Extruder

Aftermarket replacement2:

AliExpress Amazon US

Search terms: "Prusa i3 MK3 heat break"




Glass bead thermistor glued into the the heatblock. Removing it will likely destroy it.

Rating Size Connection Cable Length
NTC100KΩ 3950K 2mm JST 1.25mm 2-Pin 40mm

And Ender S1 Pro replacement part will fit but the cable might be longer.1

Heater Cartridge

Heater Cartridge Heater cartridge is glued into the heatblock. The replacement should be able to withstand temperatures of 300°C.

Voltage Watts Size Connector Cable Length
24V 40W 6x20mm JST PH 2.0 2-Pin 40mm

The Ender S1 Pro replacement cartridge looks similar but uses an JST XH2.54 connector which is too big.




Same as the Creality CR10 heatblock. It supports MK8 threaded nozzles (and some M6 nozzles). The material is likely nickel-plated copper.2

Dimensions: 20x20x10mm

Silicone Sock

Silicone Sock

Sovol uses a standard MK8 hotend silicone sock, mine has embossed "Cr" on it.

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