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Sovol SV06 uses standard MK8 nozzles with M6 thread, specifically a Creality MK nozzle used in CR-6 SE, Ender S1 and Sprite extruders from Creality. Any MK8 nozzle with M6 thread will also work with SV06's hot end. If a nozzle is a lot shorter you will need to adjust the ABL probe height.


You need hardened nozzles when printing more abrasive materials which quickly destroy a standard brass nozzle.

  • Original Sovol Hardene Tungsten Alloy (Sovol Store)
  • Micro Swiss MK8 Plated A2 Tool Steel (Amazon, 3D Jake)
  • Creality MK8 from
  • Phaetus x PrimaCreator MK8 Tungsten Nozzle from
  • SE6 Chrome Zirconium Copper (AliExpress)
  • TH3D EZFlow copper, high-flow, wear resistant nozzles - (TH3D)

CHT High Flow

Advantage of a CHT nozzle:

  • 0.4mm Stock MK Nozzle - Maximum 19mm3/s.
  • 0.4mm MK8 Clone CHT - Maximum 32mm3/s.

Confirmed working:


Upgrading to an 0.6 nozzle increases the printing speed since more filament will flow but you will lose out on some detail. If you're using the Arachne engine in your slicer the loss of detail is lessened.