Nozzle Light

You've seen SV07 LED light and now you're jealous? No need for that anymore!

This modification doesn't work with stock part cooling fan

You need to move the stock fan or upgrade the fan to a different orientation.

You will need the following to build your own nozzle LED: 1. 5V COB 320/m natural white LED strip: Amazon, AliExpress 2. JST 1.25 3-pin male connector with wires: AliExpress 3. Soldering iron and solder

Print the LED strip mount from Printables (Only the LED Mount STL file). It is recommended to print it with ASA or PETG.

Cut a piece of the LED strip that fits the LED mount. My LED strip had the copper tabs spaced exactly to length.

cut a piece from LED

Solder the wire with JST 1.25 connector to the led strip. When it is plugged into the extruder board the top pin is 5V, middle is GND and bottom is not used by the LED strip. You can remove the bottom wire from the connector since it is not needed.

LED strip piece soldered

Mount the LED mount using original screws and stick the LED strip to it.

LED mount mounting

Connect the LED to the empty plug at the right side of the extruder board.

LED plug

Route the wire behind the screw post so it's not in the way.

LED wire routing

The LED strip is always on with the original firmware.

LED mounted

LED mounted 2